DECENTRAWISE is a Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) and its founding members started in Blockchain technology, researching and developing in this area since 2009, right after Bitcoin network was started. We’ve worked with all major cap projects, initially mining and then researching and developing for some of these blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum on which we continue to work today.

We got to know Graphene blockchains and Dan Larimer‘s work around 2016… We’ve been around this tech since then, producing blocks on Bitshares and Steem, now Hive, and other forks like Bitshares Music/Muse/SounDAC or others. We’re in EOS since its inception, contributing with development in several projects, and as a block producer candidate since 2020 in EOS mainnet, major testnets and other EOSIO based chains.

We aim to build a community around decentralization and blockchain technology. Our members are developers as well as of many other backgrounds, and we welcome any contributor to any of our projects.

We consider ourselves a DAC of DACs, as each project is another DAC itself. This means that our team varies from project to project and the governance is mainly DAC oriented, with its own incentive distribution on a per project basis.

We run our projects with a SCRUM mindset, giving the complete autonomy to each team member to self-manage, as is the rule in most open source communities.

In order to facilitate the communication with clients all projects have a single product owner (PO), and are run under the technical supervision of Pedro Reis Colaço (prc), our lead technology researcher and developer, due to his experience in blockchain, peer-to-peer and decentralized systems and broader experience in software engineering.

We defend that engineers in this space have a very important role in defining the next generation of our global economic system, with all its impact in peoples lives, so our involvement in any project also depends on its alignment with each team members perspective and values.

We work everyday to make the world a better place for all humanity! This will always be our vision and main focus, despite any economic or political incentive.