We focus on Blockchain and DApp development since 2016.

Having developed some very successful dapps in these last years gives us the experience and know-how to be the perfect partner for your decentralized development needs.

The main areas we have been working on are:

  • Ethereum smart-contract development (Solidity)
  • EOSIO smart-contract development (C++)
  • IPFS decentralized storage (Go/Javascript)
  • Dapp frontend development (HTML5/Javascript)
  • Blockchain core development (C++/Rust/Go)
  • Deployment and infrastructure tools (Bash/Javascript)
  • Testing and coverage (Javascript)

Having deployed in all major networks, and having a strong focus on the development of truly decentralized platforms, we can’t wait to know what is your idea and build from there!

Please reach out to us here