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Winners of prize at HackFS Hackathon 2021

We participated and had a lot of fun, August 2021 Project showcase and video In this hackathon we just won the IPFS Web3.storage pool prize…IdeaFor a general social platform to use decentralized web

DSound v0.4.3

Original post on Hive Hello HIVE! New features and strategyDSound has a few announcements to make and also moved to HIVE, so you can now experience the new chain with DSound as well! But this is not t

DSound v0.4.1

Original post on Steem Update to HiveMind API and several bug fixes and much more to come!Today we published a small update for DSound, the third in 2018! This is just an intercalar update needed due

DSound presentation at SteemFest 3

Kraków, November 2018 Creator of DSound (@prc) presentation. If you were not at SteemFest 3, then you can watch it here… You can check out DSound at: dsound.audio And… Much more news to come soon! St

DSound v0.4

Original post on Steem New IPFS Nodes spread globally, instant playback, higher curation votes, post formatting, several bug fixes and much more to come!You waited patiently for DSound new version and

DSound v0.3

Original post on Steem Fixes to upload, Improved validations, New IPFS gateway, Tags without prefix, easy IPFS local node and much more!You waited patiently for DSound new version and here it is the f