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Block Producer Candidate Announcement

EOS Mainnet and other side/sister chains Block Producer Candidate decentrawise is the first Block Producer Candidate from PortugalA bit of our historyDECENTRAWISE is a Decentralized Autonomous Co

Supporting Hive fork

Original post on Steem Witness nodes updated to v0.23.0 - Hello HIVE family! All Steem nodes are updated… Goodbye Justin Sun, hello HIVE family! :) All nodes running 0.23.0 (Hive network fork)The last

Steem Protection soft fork

Original post on Steem STEEM nodes updated to v0.22.2, but why? Yes, this last update was not easy to decide. ;) I am totally against any violent or forced restriction to any one’s property, and being

Steem @prc witness proposal

Original post on Steem After creating DSound and attending SteemFest 2, I want more! I’ve met a lot of you online already, and some of you at SteemFest 2 in Lisbon, which was really amazing by the way