Our team has many years of experience in blockchain, peer-to-peer and decentralized systems, and has been working in this emerging industry, in many successful projects, since 2016, so many conferences, summits and other events invite us to speak, and many of our team members are available to speak at events.

Pedro Reis Colaço (prc), our lead technology researcher and auditor, has been speaking at keynotes, talks, panels, master classes and workshops, both online and on-site, and delivers high value industry knowledge lived in first person, ranging from blockchain technology to decentralized finance, passing by smart-contract development or security audits and standards.

Being a native or fluent speaker of both Portuguese, English and Spanish, he is able to perform in any of these languages, making him a very versatile speaker.

All our talks are written exclusively for each event, depending on its theme. The state of the art dictates the focus and usually there is space for some improvising as well. We will provide a presentation in pdf format, that is copyrighted material and will not be distributed, so it must be deleted after the talk from the presentation equipment.

Due to the high demand, we respectfully have to limit our availability to participate in so much events per year, due to other commitments in other areas, so we expect your understanding if we don’t have a slot available.

Presence minimum requirements:
  • Travel expenses (our crew is at least 2 adults, depending on the format and event type)
  • Accommodation and meals (all crew) for the entire event, plus day before and day after
  • Full passes for all crew members to the entire event
Speaker fees:

These depend on the event type, speaking format, length of presentation, event ticket price, expected audience and location, so please provide these details when contacting for a quote. We can consider speaking for free, providing at least the minimum requirements are taken care of, in case the event ticket price is completely free as well.

Sponsorship of events:

Please understand that we are a decentralized team, that works on decentralized autonomous community projects and open source software, so we don’t have any product or service to sell or promote.

Let us know about your event and theme… We are looking forward to it! Please reach out to us here