EOSIO Config handler for contracts

EOSIO Configuration handler pluggable into any contract A simple way to handle configuration values for EOSIO contracts that fits any pre-existing contract code. Check the code at eosio-config repo Ho

EOSIO Scheduler for contracts

Plug and play code that you can plug to any contract An implementation of a tasks and workers scheduler for EOSIO contracts that can be plugged into any pre-existing contract. Check the code at eosio-

DSound v0.4.3

Original post on Hive Hello HIVE! New features and strategyDSound has a few announcements to make and also moved to HIVE, so you can now experience the new chain with DSound as well! But this is not t

Supporting Hive fork

Original post on Steem Witness nodes updated to v0.23.0 - Hello HIVE family! All Steem nodes are updated… Goodbye Justin Sun, hello HIVE family! :) All nodes running 0.23.0 (Hive network fork)The last

Steem Protection soft fork

Original post on Steem STEEM nodes updated to v0.22.2, but why? Yes, this last update was not easy to decide. ;) I am totally against any violent or forced restriction to any one’s property, and being

EOSIO efficiency experiments

Minimizing impact in CPU usage of multi_index.modify() in cycles We were requested to do an efficiency audit on some EOSIO smart-contract code for a dapp and we were quite shocked with the amount of n