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Block Producer Candidate Announcement

EOS Mainnet and other side/sister chains Block Producer Candidate decentrawise is the first Block Producer Candidate from PortugalA bit of our historyDECENTRAWISE is a Decentralized Autonomous Co

EOSIO Config handler for contracts

EOSIO Configuration handler pluggable into any contract A simple way to handle configuration values for EOSIO contracts that fits any pre-existing contract code. Check the code at eosio-config repo Ho

EOSIO Scheduler for contracts

Plug and play code that you can plug to any contract An implementation of a tasks and workers scheduler for EOSIO contracts that can be plugged into any pre-existing contract. Check the code at eosio-

EOSIO efficiency experiments

Minimizing impact in CPU usage of multi_index.modify() in cycles We were requested to do an efficiency audit on some EOSIO smart-contract code for a dapp and we were quite shocked with the amount of n

EOSIO London Hackathon 2018 participation

We participated had a lot of fun, September 2018 We had a lot of fun with the EOSIO team, and it was very rewarding to participate… We even met the one and only Dan Larimer there at the Science Museu