Block Producer Candidate Announcement

EOS Mainnet and other side/sister chains Block Producer Candidate

decentrawise is the first Block Producer Candidate from Portugal

A bit of our history

DECENTRAWISE is a Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) and its founding members started in Blockchain technology, researching and developing in this area since 2009, right after Bitcoin network was started. We’ve worked with all major cap projects, initially mining and then researching and developing for some of these blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum on which we continue to work today.

We got to know Graphene blockchains and Dan Larimer‘s work around 2016… We’ve been around this tech since then, producing blocks on Bitshares and Steem, now Hive, and other forks like Bitshares Music/Muse/SounDAC or others. We’re in EOS since its inception, contributing with development in several projects.

We also develop DSound, the worlds first fully decentralized sound platform, which started on Steem, moved to Hive and now moving to even more decentralization by being multi-chain and using its own EOSIO blockchain soon.

This journey motivated our focus on usability, because we felt trapped by the tech since Steem - and now EOS with the same usability restrictions, or should we say “overly complicated features” for the end user. We are building a solution for usability and onboarding now.

We aim to build a community around decentralization and blockchain technology. Our members are developers as well as of many other backgrounds, and we welcome any contributor to any of our projects.

We consider ourselves a DAC of DACs, as each project is another DAC itself.

This means that each blockchain we support by producing blocks is its own DAC with its own governance and incentive distribution.

Why EOS Mainnet?

We’ve been working with EOSIO since before EOS Mainnet launch. And we love it!

It took us a bit of time to learn what hardware would be necessary to acquire to be able to be on par with the best Block Producers on the EOS Mainnet network. We had to restructure our datacenter in order to include Bare Metal servers with the capacity for such a task. We chose DELL PowerEdge servers with 4 x XEON octacore and upto 1.5TB RAM boxes with RAID5 HDD for storage and RAID1 SSD for high speed boot, logging, state and other system parts.

Now that we had the resources ready, it was time to put them at service of our EOS community! We started slowly but steadily. Tested in few testnets, like FIO testnet and Jungle3, then got confident enough to move on to FIO Mainnet and then to the real thing: EOS Mainnet.

We will be expanding our support to other EOSIO side / sister chains in the next few weeks. We want to build on EOSIO and move a substantial part of our projects to this technology. So we need to give back our infrastructure and expertise to the community we chose to be building on.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct consists of the general principles of non-aggression, from where we derived the following:

1. Excellence of Service
The objective of DECENTRAWISE is to ensure that it is able to build and maintain projects with world class standards and the best quality possible. We always strive to ensure that our projects are decentralized and managed in a way that gives complete freedom to each contributor, but also demanding excellence of service that will impact the rewards each member receives from each project.

2. Openness and Transparency
All decisions made by the DECENTRAWISE governance structures and all operations will be open, transparent and recorded on-chain.

3. Reliability
The reason for DECENTRAWISE to exist is exactly to bring reliability to auto-governed projects. Often community driven projects become either complete chaos or a burocratic maze. We solve that problem by applying DAC governance to our projects and aligning incentives to produce the expected results.

4. Fairness
DECENTRAWISE will treat all members fairly and reward contributions appropriately. No one member should have less information about a decision than others.

5. Independence
DECENTRAWISE will not seek any significant stake in, or undue influence over, any of our projects. It will also take appropriate measures to protect its own independence.

6. Electoral Fraud
DECENTRAWISE will never allow any type of payment for any kind of voted election or selection, including but not limited to, selection of block producers or governance committee members.

Why voting for us?

  • We are a team with a lot of experience in running servers, as we run our own datacenter since 2002
  • Our hardware is state the art and on par with the top 21 best Block Producers on EOS Mainnet now
  • Portugal is a great country, with loads of sun and great people, and we are the first and only (as far as we are aware)
  • Our team is growing, as we are planning to expand to another datacenter soon, appart from each other more than 200 km for redundancy
  • We are here for the long run! We are long time EOS developers and we will bring more adoption of EOS with our products
  • DECENTRAWISE is a DAC, so more decentralized is impossible
  • We need your support because it feels so lonely to be so low in the Block Producers rank

For more information please check our website and you can join our community in Telegram to stay in touch.