Participation at ETHOnline Hackathon 2023

We participated and had a lot of fun, Oct 2023

Project showcase and video

In this hackathon we didn’t win any prize, but had a lot of fun and made live streams along the way!


Because fair and portable web3 social handles matter! So we’re building a new naming system for pure user handles, not domains.

Project Description

We made a protocol that doesn’t require any governance, as the registration is free. Instead of paying for a recurring or fixed fee for a name, we made it so that the user stakes ETH to their favorite names. We also aim to have solved the name-squatting problem, by making the handle a soul-bound NFT, and by incorporating an auction system on each handle, so that a staking competition can dictate who gets to keep the fancier names. All names are always possible to bid on, but the only requisite is to double the actual stake or bid. The actual owner can always cover any bid to keep the name for himself.

Implementation Details

Used Open Zeppelin ERC721 implementation and build the game theory behind it in the Soul-bound NFT itself. The idea is to have the profile on an IPFS URI that will have a common metadata and bonds to each social media account by public keys. These are IPNS key pairs that will allow us to publish our content to. The registration is free but only can be kept if we stake ETH to the handle, to prevent others to bid against us. A fair system and hopefully squatting free.

Please check the docs repository for more details

Our final code for this hackathon is in GitHub

We had so much fun… And for the first time we live streamed the entire process on our podcast! :)