Winners of prize at UniCode Hackathon 2021

We participated and had a lot of fun, August 2021

Project showcase and video

In this hackathon we won the Uniswap Best Governance Hack prize…


  • Built with ❤️ by Developers for Developers
  • Host your DAO dashboard on GitHub pages on your organization
  • Run a Github App on any project leader’s or organization’s servers (GitHub and Dev Treasury keys are held here, so keep secure)
  • Allow your token holders to approve and that way prioritize your GitHub issues by just making a MetaMask signature
  • Use the same GitHub workflow that you are already familiar to assign issues to developers and attribute weights (labels)
  • Dev Treasury smart-contract (on any EVM network) will hold the treasury funds and lock a slice for the issue assignee when work starts based on issue weight
  • When an issue is closed successfully, the respective funds are unlocked and sent to the assignee wallet address in his profile
  • At project launch, you can enable transfers for your token, setup a UniSwap Liquidity Pool and change approval to LP weight, to incentivize liquidity building
  • DAO Governance made simple and effective

Implementation Details

  • Smart-contracts for DAO tokens and treasury token distribution by project contributors that can be deployed to any EVM based blockchain
  • GitHub App that communicates with GitHub Project and sends transaction to blockchain to perform actions on the smart-contracts
  • A simple UI for the DAO to accept the governance participation by LP token holders
  • A central repository on GitHub for all DAO configurations where a simple commit/PR can change parameters, i.e. the payout levels for work

Please check the docs repository for more details

Our final code for this hackathon is in GitHub

We had so much fun… And lack of sleep too… :)