IMSHARE 2018 conference

Lisbon, June 2018 Pedro Reis Colaço (aka prc) panel chat about blockchain technology and decentralization. If you were not there, then you can watch a bit here… You can check out the entire conferenc

DSound v0.3

Original post on Steem Fixes to upload, Improved validations, New IPFS gateway, Tags without prefix, easy IPFS local node and much more!You waited patiently for DSound new version and here it is the f

DSound presentation at SteemFest 2

Original post on DTube Lisbon, November 2017 Creator of DSound (@prc) presentation. If you were not at SteemFest 2, then you can watch it here… You can check out DSound at: dsound.audio And… Much mor

Steem @prc witness proposal

Original post on Steem After creating DSound and attending SteemFest 2, I want more! I’ve met a lot of you online already, and some of you at SteemFest 2 in Lisbon, which was really amazing by the way

DSound v0.2

Original post on Steem Streaming, Sound Edit, Performance and Layout Improvements. Just one month and such Big News!First of all thanks to all of you who joined this project and made it a big success

DSound, the launch

Original post on Steem What’s new now that the 1st alpha is closed and the FULL decentralization of itFirst of all, I wanted to thank all of you that jumped right in and uploaded content to DSound! It