We love our podcasts! Our team does video live streams every week on YouTube and other platforms.

The DecentraWise Podcast is where we explore the world of Blockchain and Web3 from the economic and technical points of view. We are seasoned blockchain and web3 developers that love to discuss about crypto economics, cryptography, blockchain and web3 security and development.

The podcast format is around 1 hour long live conversations, and occasionally we bring interesting industry players to fill us with alpha and share wisdom with our amazing community.

Our live stream happens every Monday @ 5 PM UTC (12 PM EST or 9 AM PST) on YouTube. We also put out content videos every other day.

We try to stick to our schedule as much as possible, but remember that we are humans with our own lives going on, so some constraints can come up…

It’s important to emphasize:

  • we are sharing our experience and views
  • we encourage everyone to comment with alternative ways, so we can have interesting discussions about each topic
  • what you find here is neither advice, nor news, as we are not legal or financial advisors and not journalists
  • we just share our journey as blockchain and web 3 developers, hoping that we’ll entertain or bring some value to anyone

Our motivation for making this podcast is:

  • to share our journey as blockchain and web 3 developers with the world
  • and receive feedback and learn from our community as well
  • to help others fast track their journey into blockchain and crypto development
  • and ultimately become better humans and leave a positive impact

We also might consider promoting projects and products that are in-line with our content, so if you think our audience might be a good fit for your business, feel free to reach out to us here.


  • we will never accept a promotion or ad from any random product, just products that we own ourselves or that we would consider to use as well
  • paid promotion doesn’t mean that we have to say things we don’t mean, so our community can be assured that our honest opinion will prevail
  • we’ll always disclose whenever we are promoting some product or service
  • we hold crypto investments ourselves, and talking about projects doesn’t mean we’ll change that or buy anything