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Why I decided to buy some DTube Coins (DTC) in this 1st sale round?

Some of you might know already but some surely don’t. DTube is running the 1st round of their token sale now, started last week, and it is being available for Steem community mainly.

I just decided to buy up some DTC (D.Tube Coins) myself, and want to share with all of you why I did it, so that you might also consider getting in for their token offer.


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Now that we took all the legal implications out of our way, let’s get to it…

D.Tube Coin (DTC)

You can find more information about DTC and the new D.Tube economy here.

I found particularly interesting this article from @heimindanger (D.Tube creator) blog here on Steemit, that led me to rethink about the proposed incentivisation (we have chatted about these a while back when he was developing Avalon bockchain) and the cool details that he describes in more detail there.

I want to make this post as spot on as possible, so let’s jump right into TL;DR mode… :)

TL;DR (why I decided to buy some DTC in this 1st sale round?)

  • It’s D.Tube (DISCLAIMER: I am NOT by any means affiliated with D.Tube, nor are they contracting or sponsoring me for sharing this)
  • D.Tube is the only truely decentralized video platform in the world (as happens with DSound)
  • Their own incentivisation mechanics for DTC mix well with Steem ones, in my opinion creating a nice sinergy for the creators and curators in the platform
  • I am a friend of @heimindanger and part of the D.Tube community since day one, as they inspired me to build DSound
  • I have total confidence of the motivations that drive D.Tube core team, with whom I share many of their vision and goals for DSound
  • In the next weeks I will launch my own node of D.Tube blockchain, to help out the testnet and provide a bit more decentralization to the network
  • They will be airdropping 50% of the token supply to existing users and people that participate in the token sale
  • Successful projects need funding, so if we believe that the project brings value to Steem and to blockchain in general, then we should think about participating in the funding of such projects, not just waiting for free airdrop money
  • The more funding they get from the 25% of the supply that is going to be sold in IEO, the less sell pressure will be needed to raise funding for future development, so higher value for the token in the future
  • The next rounds of their IEO will be held on a major exchange (their words, no insider knowledge here), so they assure that the price of this 1st round will be the lowest of all (click the link to get to the sale page)
  • Only one million DTC is available for this 1st sale round, out of the 25 million tokens for IEO and a total supply of only 100 million DTC, more on the token economics here
  • Potential token value increase from IEO on exchange and token burning in the economy, combined with variable inflation directly proportional to the value created on the platform, thus reducing dilution, are good metrics for investment
  • Great hedge for your Steem tokens during this still bearish trend
  • I got my share, will you miss this opportunity?

Who is @prc?

I am a life long Software Developer, working on Blockchain for last years on several projects, but I am also a DJ and Electronic Music Producer, my alter-ego “Kolatz” that you can browse for if interested… :)

I am the creator of DSound, which was the first and still the only completely decentralized sound platform in the world, that continues helping musicians and sound creators around the globe to monetize their content besides the state of the crypto economy actually, and the next release will be the first “beta” release with loads of new features! :)

If you got curious about DSound, please check it out: https://dsound.io